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Is Prema Meditation a new concept?

Prema Meditation training has been available in this area since 1973, more than 30 years ago. Many have taken and benefited from the course. By 2007, the world has become more receptive to concepts of Soul Consciousness. This idea is now being discussed and promoted as a reason for taking the course. There is currently a new atmosphere of interest in these higher-level meditation practices, which enhance our lives and relationship to Divinity.

Norman Green

Norman Green Biography

Norman Green has studied and researched meditation since the late 1960s. Norman earned a bachelorís degree from Temple University and has taken graduate courses at local universities. He was a jet fighter pilot in the U. S. Air Force and the Massachusetts Air National Guard during and after the Korean War. Prior to retiring in 2002, Norman owned and operated Prema Advertising LLC, an industrial and business-to-business advertising agency in South Windsor, CT.

Katertine Mashiak

Katherine (Kassy) Mashiak Biography

Kassy owns and operates Kassandra Herbs Unlimited in Somers, Connecticut. She graduated from St. Joseph's College and holds a BSW degree. A meditator for more than 25 years, Kassy studied with Norman Green for many years, attained Soul Consciousness™ in 2000, and began teaching Prema Meditation in 2008.