Description of Prema Meditation
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What is Prema Meditation?

Prema Meditation is a Western adaptation of an Eastern discipline. It retains all the benefits and merits of traditional meditation, but makes it easier for the American or Western mind to comprehend and participate in it. The word “Prema” means “God’s Love” or “Divine Love.” This method works from the heart, rather than from the subconscious or conscious mind. Prema Meditation is primarily interested in the spirituality of the meditator. The Soul incarnates in order to progress, to evolve, and to grow stronger and more knowledgeable through the Earth-plane experience. Part of that evolution and strengthening is enhanced by Soul Emergence™. Prema Meditation focuses on the Soul. Ultimately, the conscious mind and the Soul mind are intended to merge through earth-plane experiences. The Prema method of meditation accelerates this phenomenon immeasurably.

How does Prema Meditation differ from other types of Meditations?

Prema has several features which other meditations do not have. The Prema method of meditation focuses a great deal on theory, as well as practice. This makes it easier for the western mind to grasp the meditational concept and achieve the inherent goals. Prema explains the what, why and how of the meditative process. Those who teach Prema Meditation are well practiced, well read and most knowledgeable in this discipline.

To enhance understanding of the meditational process is a set of descriptive steps called “Twenty Levels of Meditation.” Zero level starts at the here-and-now consciousness and goes all the way to level 20 which is the altered state uniting the human consciousness with the Divine consciousness. It is easier to understand where you are in the process of meditation following these twenty levels. Once you become practiced, you can slide easily and rapidly from normal conscious to Soul Consciousness.

Soul Consciousness™ is the most distinctive feature of Prema Meditation. It is the ability to conduct and repeat, at will, conversation with one’s soul. The soul, our true self, is the God part within us. How the meditator facilitates the speaking of the soul is explained prior to attaining this level of altered state so that the student can more easily attain the state with confidence. Beyond Soul Consciousness, Prema Meditation provides a direct route to God Consciousness, a natural step or two beyond. Prema facilitates the evolution or progress of the Soul to oneness with God.

Even though we can’t teach students to “know” God, we can help a person “experience” God - help a person feel the love, compassion and peace of God. Students learn a great deal about an altered state of consciousness because everyone associated with Prema at a staff level has attained at least Soul Consciousness. Many have gone farther. If nothing else, a person who studies Prema Meditation will have skills beyond ordinary meditators. With this foundation and experience, they can easily fit in or participate in nearly any type of meditation. Plus, the purpose of the soul is being addressed: The ultimate merging of the soul mind with the conscious material-plane mind.