Prema Meditation
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Prema Meditation is a unique form of meditation that brings the student to Soul Consciousness™ and then establishes a dialogue with the Soul. Conversations with your Soul can help you understand your purpose for being in this lifetime and provide guidance along the way. Intellectually we know that we are more than our consciousness. Prema Meditation lets you experience new levels of consciousness for yourself. Your understanding of reality will never be the same.

Prema Meditation, until recently, was only selectively offered to the public. As events unfold more rapidly and it becomes easier to connect with other realms, this form of meditation is for the first time being offered to a wider audience.

Classes are taught in Connecticut by Norman Green, who has been meditating since 1968, and by Katherine Mashiak, a long-time meditator. Students are taught to move through the 20 Levels of Meditation and most meditators are able to achieve Soul Consciousness where their soul actually speaks through them.

Contact information can be found on the ‘Classes' page. Don't hesitate to contact Norman with your questions.